Post-Covid Law Firm: the rise of the digital law firm

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Go home *and* go big

In hindsight, I realise today how ahead we were with many elements compared to the rest of the legal industry. We decided to vacate our offices and work from home already two weeks before the government told everyone to do the same. I still remember my colleagues' faces, when I told them we are moving our operations completely to work from home. They stared at me a bit, then each of them took their laptop, said goodbye to each other, and left.

Photo by Mikey Harris on Unsplash

“No, you cannot visit us in our office. Which video call software do you prefer?”

Dealing with our clients was, of course, a completely different story than just getting ourselves in order. The primary learning was that not all of our clients dealt well with the new virtual reality. Some did great. Their business was growing incredibly, and they were digital natives. They were thrilled to learn that we are great at working for them remotely. They loved us even more. Others were experiencing their world collapsing. Their businesses stopped overnight, and they have never used video call or e-signing before in their lives. Yes, such people and companies still exist.

Going forward

I can only guess how the business environment will evolve in the next months. But I believe that the learnings from Covid period and certain habits, which we have adopted through 2020, will remain. And we will continue to build on this.



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Nejc Novak, LL.M. (UCL)

Nejc Novak, LL.M. (UCL)


A lawyer and a geek. Busy cracking the EU venture capital space. Founder of Nlaw.